FFXI Final Fantasy XI Bahamut

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According to Arabic mythology, Bahamut is a giant fish upon which Kujata, a bull, stands. On the back of the bull is a giant ruby mountain, an angel, six hells, the earth and seven heavens. The story of Bahamut goes like this, "A monstrous fish that is afloat in a fathomless sea. A giant Bull, Kujuta, rides upon it.s back and upon the bull is a Ruby Mountain. On top of the Ruby mountain is an Angel, over which lay the 6 hells, then the earth and then the 7 heavens, at the very top." It is said that the Bahamut was so large and immense that Human Eyes could not bear to look upon it. Some say the name Bahamut led to the name Behemoth."

In the Final Fantasy series Bahamut is known as the King of Dragons. He can do supreme damage if the right items are used. Traditionally, Bahamut is one of the most powerful summons in the Final Fantasy series.

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