FFXI Final Fantasy XI White Mage

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A White Mage is the ultimate support job as it can heal fellow party members and keep them alive. Almost any party's strength is increased when they have a White Mage in their ranks. It allows them to last longer, gain more XP, gain more items, gain more gil. Although they are not good at all for offense, they are invaluable to many players.

The best choices of race for a White Mage is the Taru Taru because of their high magic statistics (28 MP Base). The Hume and the Mithra are also good secondary choices for their relatively high health and good magic skills.

The active abilities of the White Mage are only Benediction and Divine Seal. Benediction is a starting ability and heals nearby party members with an area affect heal while Divine Seal is acquired at level 15 and doubles the HP of the next Cure spell cast.

For the White Mage's passive abilities, it has the Magic Defense Bonus which it acquires at levels 10, 30 and 50. It also acquires the Clear Mind ability at level 20 which increases the regeneration rate of of mana (MP). At level 25, the White Mage gets the Auto Regen ability which gives the ability to regenerate its HP automatically over time.

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