FFXI Final Fantasy XI Warrior

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The Warrior is a tough hardened job fit for battle. They act as shields and ward off enemies from the weaker players. They have a lot of HP but should be healed frequently if they are to take constant damage.

The best race to be a Warrior would definitely be the large Galka who start with 36 HP and 9 STR. Elvaan also do good as Warriors with a starting HP of 33 and a STR of 9. Taru Taru are definitely not recommended as they are small and nimble with a starting HP of only 27 and 7 STR.

The Warrior's first active skill is the Might Strike which lasts for 45 seconds and makes every attack do critical damage. It can only be used every 2 hours so use it sparingly. At level 5 they attain Provoke which will allow them to taunt an enemy into attacking the warrior. This is useful when you want to redirect all damage away from your team mates, or to steal enemies away from other players. You can use the Provoke ability every 30 seconds. Level 15 lets them receive the Berserk ability which allows them to power up and increase their attack power while decreasing their defense. Level 25 sees the Warrior with a Defender ability which is the opposite of Berseker, in which it increases defense while decreasing attack. The War Cry skill is acquired at level 35 and enabled the Warrior to increase the attack power of all nearby party members for a duration of 30 seconds. Level 45 sees the Warrior with the Aggressor skill which increases attack accuracy while decreasing the evasion stat.

For the Warrior's passive skills, they have at level 10 a Defense Bonus which increases his physical defense. At level 15, the warrior acquires a passive Resist Virus ability which gives them better defense against disease. They also receive a Double Attack bonus at level 25 which gives them a change to attack twice with a single attack. Reaching level 30 gives the Warrior an Attack Bonus which increases their physical attack power.

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