FFXI Final Fantasy XI Thief

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The Thief is the best job for making money in Final Fantasy XI. They can steal items from monsters and get them to drop more gil and better items. They can also attack many times later on with the Triple Attack skill.

All races can do good as a Thief but the Mithra stand out with their high DEX starting skill of 10. The Galka may also be an option because of their high HP.

The active abilities of the Thief are Perfect Dodge which you automatically acquire at level 1, this allows you to evade all physical attacks although its recharge time is 2 hours so use it only when most needed. Next up is Steal which the Thief acquires at level 5 and allows it to try and steal and item from the enemy. At level 15 the Thief gets Sneak Attack which allows it to perform a strong first attack on a monster though the ability must be used before combat starts. The Flee skill comes at level 25 and allows the player to run twice as fast as normal for the perfect get away. Trick Attack is the ability at level 30 which does strong damage. At level 35, the Thief gets the Mug ability which allows it to steal gil from its enemies. Once the Thief reaches level 45, he can use the Hide ability which makes him invisible to enemies.

The passive abilities of the Thief job are as follows: Gilfinder at level 5, lets monsters drop more gil in battle. Evasion Bonus at levels 10, 30, and 50 increasing the evasion ability of the Thief. Treasure Hunter ability at levels 15 and 45 which increases the drop rate of monsters. Resist Gravity at levels 20 and 40 which give better gravity resistance. Last is the Triple Attack ability at level 55 which gives the Thief a chance of striking the enemy three times with one attack.

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