FFXI Final Fantasy XI Monk

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The Monk is a strong hand to hand combat fighter who can deal plenty of damage in a short amount of time. They can only wear light armor though.

Good races for a Monk are the Galka and the Elvaan who have high HP, VIT and STR, but the Mithra are also good having a DEX of 9. The Hume on the other hand have over-all average stats which may be helpful if you want an evenly balance race and job.

The active abilities of the Monk start with Hundred Fists at level 1 which boosts attack speed. Level 5 gives the Monk the Accumulate ability which lets him stack his power to be able to deal great damage at a later time. At level 15, the Monk receives Evasion which increase the evade statistic. The Concentrate skill is acquired at level 25 and increase attack accuracy. Also at level 25 is the Chakra skill which lets the Monk heal himself. At level 40, the Monk receives an Energy Projectile which can be used to deal heavy damage to an enemy. Lastly at Level 45, the Alarm skill is acquired which increase the chance of a counter-attack from the Monk but decreases the evasion stat.

The Monk's passive abilities which are always active start with Counter at level 10 which increase the chance for a counter attack. They get HP Boost at levels 15, 35, and 55 which increase their maximum health. They also receive a Martial Arts ability at levels 25, 45, and 60 which increase their hand to hand combat skill.

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