FFXI Final Fantasy XI Black Mage

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The Black Mage is the ultimate offensive spell caster bringing death and desvastation to the battle field from a distance. They are not so good at taking damage or physical attacks but their strong spells make up for that.

As with the White Mage, the Taru Taru are the best race for the Black Mage because of their high MP. Casting a lot of spells will take up MP fast so you will need a lot to make sure you don't run out in the middle of battle.

The Black Mage has the active abilities of Magicfont which gives the mage unlimited mana for 30 seconds and Elemental Seal which increases the accuracy of the next spell cast. Take note that Magicfont can only be used every 2 hours so it is best used when in great need of mana only.

The passive abilities of the Black Mage consist of Magic Attack Up at levels 10, 30 and 50 which increase the magic attack skill. Clear Mind at level 15 which inreases the mana regeneration rate of the mage. Conserve MP at level 20 which decreases the amount of mana used by spells. HP Boost at level 55 which increases the maximum HP of your character and Martial Arts at level 60 which increases the Black Mage's hand to hand combat abilities.

The Black Mage spells are all different elementals like Earth, Water, Fire, Ice, Wind, Thunder and Darkness. Each type of element does different amounts of damage depending on the enemy, so it is best to know the weakness of the enemy before casting. Some spells may even heal an enemy if that is their element.

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