FFXI Final Fantasy XI White Mage Guide

This White Mage Guide was written by Adamwsat.
A brief intro on what it mean to play a White Mage, your role in a aprty, and what abilities you posess.

White Mage Guide:

Table of Contents:

I) What is a White Mage?
II) Average fight as a White Mage.
III) The White Mage and you.
IV) The White Mage and the rest.
V) Weapons for a White Mage.
VI) White Mage spells.
VII) Balancing a White Mage's Budget.
VIII) Questing for a White Mage.
IX) Epilogue.
X) Disclaimer.

I) What is a White Mage? -The general Facts of White Mages.

The White Mage is a character class that delves in the art of White Magic. White Magic is primarily used for curing ailments of all kinds, be it a physical wound or some other ailment. White magic serves a secondary purpose, however it is not as important. The White Mage is usually the one to use enhancing spells on the part, making it eaier to fight in yet another way; No party is not complete without this class most valuable, for what party could survive without this masterful healing?

II) Average fight as a White Mage - General Strategical requirements of a White Mage.

The fight sequence of a White Mage is, generally, as follows:
  1. Directly before the fight cast Protectra, if it has wore off.
  2. Cast Dia on the Monster if there is no Red Mage.

  3. Serve as the primary healer, healing whenever necessary.

  4. If ever the enemy doe a good area of effect spell, use a Curaga.

  5. The fight having been completed Raise any fallen comrades.
Note: Which Cure you should use is based off MP efficency, To calculate which should be used:
  1. Use all of your Cure spells.

  2. See how much they heal for.

  3. Divide how much they healed for by the ammount of MP it costs.

  4. This number is the HP healed per MP used.

  5. Compare the results, also take into consideration the speed, for it takes longer to cast two Cure I's then it does to do a Cure II, so if your party needs life desperately use your highest heal.

III) The White Mage and you - White Mages interaction with other classes.

Inter-class relations is relatively simple with a White Mage.
Class - Relation a White mage has with them.
Red Mage - The Red Mage eases up your healing duty.
Black Mage - Your top priority for curing.
Tanks - Take hits for the White Mage, the White Mage providing healing in exchange.

Others - Heal them while when they take hate occassionally, also most classes in this category benefit greatly from Haste.

IV) The White Mage and the Rest - Getting blamed for every death.

In the beta in many partys I played in, I was blamed for most deaths, unless it was truly some one else's fault and they were then verbaly repremanded. Usually it is nobody's fault that somebody has died, but if there is fault to be had it usually lies with the person tha was killed, assumming you did your job as a White Mage. This blame for every death eventually ceases itself as you gain levels and play with more educated people, however even having to suffer with this for an hour of playing would be too much for my liking. The only other problem you'll hav with other players is getting invited and recieving /tells constantly, which is a mixed blessing. When you are looking for a party this will be very benificial, yet when you are not it will get quite annoying. The solution, Go Annon. If you type /annon you will become anonymous, thusly your job and level wont show, eliminaating most of the /tells.

V) Weapons for a White Mage - Choosing a weapon for a White Mage.

Now, time to look into equipment for a White Mage, more specifically a weapon. Most White mages will choose a Club or Staff, yet there are other weapon choices for a White Mage. Here I wil present these choices.

  • Pros - Moderate damage, some great high level staves.

  • Cons - Slow Attack speed.
  • :Pros - Bonuses that help casting, moderately fast speed.

  • Cons - Weak damage.
My preference is a Club, since White Mages wont attack once they start partying, since the bonuses are quite good.

VI) White Mage spells - A more in-depth view of spells.

Now a chance to look at some of the White Mages basic sets of spells, the primary use and objective having already being discussed here I will detail some of thee basic spells.

  • Dia - Lowers defense and does damage over time, use this every fight.

  • Paralize - Occassionaly loses ability to act, good but blind is better. Flash-Lowers of hate.
  • Protect - Raises defense by an ammount varying on spell level, Protect I is 10 defense while II is 25, etc, lasts a while, keep it on constantly.

  • Protectra - Same as protect but affects all allies in range, buy this.

  • Shell - Raises resistance to magic, also good but not as good as protect.

  • Regen-Constantly regenerates life, very good but doesn't last long.

  • Sneak, Deodor, and Invisible - Allows you to go undetected by enemies.

  • Bar spells - Raises party's resistance to one element or status effect.

  • Stoneskin - Absorbs damage, no max per hit, just a max total.

  • Blink - Absorbs an ammount the ammount per hit and total ammount are affected by you enhancing skill and Mind.

  • Haste - Reduces between attacks, great for high damamge melee units!
  • Cure - A necessity, allows you to heal yourself or your party.

  • Curaga - Heals yourself and your party at once.
  • Banish - Does Divine damage to a target, not enough damage.

  • Holy - Does Divine damage to a target, quite nice.

  • Teleport - Teleports you to the crag of the spells name.

VII) Balancing a White Mages Budget - What you should buy.

As a White Mage one should always consider their role in a party when making any transaction. As a White Mage you should spend very little on armor, and even less on a weapon.

What not to buy:
Armor in excess, no need to get new armor whenever you can afford better, only buy new armor every once in a while, Holy and divine armor are two nice White Mage only pieces of armor.
New weapons in excess, same as armor, also you should buy your weapon based on what bonuses to stats they give rather than damage.

What to buy:
Cure Spells, buy these with top priority.
All other spells.

VIII) Questing for a White Mage - Highly rewarding quests for White Mages.

Teleport-Mea quest, Gantineux, Hostelry Room, Windurst Waters.
Do these for the Teleport-Mea scroll.

Shantotto quests,Shantotto's Manor, Windurst Walls.
Do these for a Hypno Staff and Black Mage spells to sell, or use with subjob.

Hypno Staff Quest, Paku-Nakku, Aurastery Roof, Windurst Waters.
Only if you wish to use a staff.

Teleport-Dem quest, Virnage, Bat's Lair Inn, Bastok Mines.
Do these for the Teleport-dem scroll.

Teleport-Holla quest, Eperdur, Cathedral, Northern Sandoria.
Do these for the Teleport-Holla Scroll.

IX) Epilogue - A reflection to White Mages.

White Mage, a class that is revered for it's ability to heal better than any other class can. Every party has a White Mage unless it cannot find one, in which case one would usually wait around searching for one. So what does this mean for a White Mage? Never having to long search for a party, never having to sit idle for extended periods of time for want of a healer. The ability to cure is a highly sought one that is not over-rated, for with every functional higher level party there is a White Mage. This FAQ may have glorified the White Mage yet this was not the purpose; the purpose of this FAQ was to inform the populous of White Mages and help new White Mages make informed decisions, in this most of all I hope I was successful. I hope everybody enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making it.
-Hope This Helped,
Adamwsat(AKA Gumberculese)

X) Disclaimer - Legal Information.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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